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    For The Industry LA: Hopscotch The Finale

Still needing to go to the market, to change the sheets, to do the dishes, to feed the cat, to cut the roses, to gather up the leaves.  To get the transmission looked at, to get the hair trimmed, to listen to the messages, to return the phone call, to shave, to finish the book, to go for a run, to turn the phone off at night, to cook the chicken, to steam the broccoli, to turn on the rice, to wash the coffee pot, to go to the meeting, to make the date, to remember the present, to not forget everyone names, to close the windows, to lock the doors, to pray, to get the mail, to go to the post office, to read the paper, to donate to the candidate, to not worry. 

The fall does come. 

To change the light bulbs, to learn how to value, to not be shamed, to take care of the raccoons, to find the best plants for shade, to text the sister in law, to not think about babies, to not think about the freeway, to book the flights, to remember the Senators, to not mention money, to call the sponsor, to do the steps, to clean the blender, to give away the dresses, to wipe down the baseboards, to find the bathtub, to balance the check book, to check the bank account, to cash the check, to remember the scenery does change. 


       For Meat Stories Issue #2

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